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Eaw does anal on the Sybian
Looking at this pic, I hope you say what we said when we found her in a Thai nightclub…That girl is drop dead gorgeous! Eaw is almost perfect, her skin is flawless, her body is tight in all the right places, and she’s not afraid to try anything. It was actually her idea to try taking the Sybian in the back door! Once she got up on her new toy she started slamming her tight ass on the dildo before she even knew it would do all the work for her! The sounds that were coming out of this girl were those of a Thai goddess having an orgasm!

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Suductive Asian Blows Her Plastic Dick
I’m not sure which is more seductive… this Thai girl looking at you or the way she wraps her Asian lips around that plastic cock! This sexy babe has long hair, long legs, and a long tongue…and if you don’t believe me you can take a look for yourself. I love the when she has all her clothes on she has that sophisticated look but as soon as she gets out of that preppy outfit she’s really to rock n’ ride on the Sybian!

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Dar shows her beautiful pussy
Dar is a great looking Thai barslut. Pretty brown eyes, nice big smile, perky round tits with perfect dark nipples, soft round ass, but most perfect piece of beauty on this 20 year old is her to-die-for pussy. And this little twirp is not afraid to show it. She shows plenty of her pussy as she plays with the sybian. I think she was trying to make me horny enough to not let her try the sybian…. damn, sometimes I hate this job.

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Tong Cums Hard
Let me tell you something about the Sybian machine and how these girls approach them. They’re either intimidated by it or they just can’t wait to mount it and give it a try, there’s no in between! Our Thai girl Tong here was in that can’t wait group. It seemed like no time before she was riding and getting fucked by the Sybian on full blast! Now most girls get wet when they’re on top of this thing, but we cranked it up and Tong was leaking more than a guy when she was cumming!

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Bet you wish you were that machine
This amazing pair of lips may not be as young as the rest of the group but with age comes experience, and you’re damn skippy that’s what this Thai babe had! There wasn’t one person who saw this who weren’t wishing they could trade places with Mr. Sybian. She gave a full blowing lesson before stuffing her Thai pussy and showing anyone who wanted to watch how to ride a dick! Most girls could learn a thing or two from our Asian fuck machine here…and I’m not talking about the Sybian!

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Sexy Thai babe teases you with a dildo
There’s nothing better (or worse) then a girl giving you a sexy strip tease. Well this Thai cutie loves her body and is not afraid to show it off, she’s more than a tease the way she takes off her clothes and plays with her sex machine! Cum in to watch how she rips her dress off, wraps her lips around the fake dick, and rubs it against her pussy to show you how wet she can get!

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Chompoo gets her tight pussy opened
The ass you see below belongs to Chompoo….and in case you’re wondering, YES that’s really her name! This Thai cuties backside is hott as fuck but it’s not just her best side, Chompee is definitely a looker. What more could you want in a Asian girl? She’s soft on the eyes and has everything you need to get your cock hard! But you don’t have to trust me when I say that.

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Look at Tauey’s perfect Asian tits inside
Thai emo girl Tauey proves to the world that the Sybian is not just for one type of person, it’s made for anyone who wants to have the best fuck they’ve ever had! Tauey strips down to nothing but her blue heels and emo gloves and gets ready to mount & ride. Here is the only place where you can see this emo chick conquer the Sybian.

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